Bayswater Road Transport-Only Zone

The City of Sydney is working with the NSW Government to reduce congestion and improve public transport to and from Kings Cross, especially late at night.

As part of this initiative we are conducting a trial ‘transport-only zone’ on a section of Bayswater Road from Darlinghurst Road to Ward Avenue, Potts Point.

The trial will take place on three consecutive Saturday nights: 22 March, 29 March and 5 April 2014, from 9pm to 6am.

Only taxis, buses, emergency vehicles and businesses’ and residents’ vehicles will have access to Bayswater Road at these times.

We would appreciate your feedback on the trial.

To provide feedback please fill out the survey below or leave a comment by click on the 'Comment' tab below.


  • Traffic Counts during the Bayswater Road transport-only zone trial

    Our independent contractor has completed traffic counts for the Bayswater Road transport-only zone trial. The counts record the change in traffic volumes on Kings Cross streets as a result of the trial.

    We have published the pre and post trial traffic counts. 

    The counts generally illustrate a marginal increase in the volume of traffic in most streets during the trial when compared with baseline data. The exceptions to this general trend are Bayswater Road and Kellett Street.

    A diversion of traffic into Kellett Street resulted in a significant increase in the volume of traffic in this street and Bayswater Road....Read more

    by Community Engagement 14 May 2014, 03:35 PM
  • Pre-trial Traffic Count Data

    The City's independent contractor has completed pre-trial traffic counts and the data is available for you to view

    These traffic counts were carried out on three consecutive Saturday evenings from 15 February between 9pm and 6am. We included Kings Cross Road, Ward Avenue, Bayswater Road, Kellett Street, Darlinghurst Road and Victoria Street in each count.

    We will compare this data with equivalent data from the trial period to help us determine how much traffic is moving onto side streets as a result of the transport-only zone trial.

    by Community Engagement 11 Mar 2014, 11:51 AM
  • Pre-trial Traffic Counts

    We understand some residents are concerned about the Bayswater Road trial causing traffic to divert onto side streets in the area.

    To determine the amount of traffic diverting to side streets, we will conduct baseline traffic counts in the area before the trial begins.

    These counts will occur between 9pm and 6am on:

    • Saturday 15 February;
    • Saturday 22  February; and
    • Saturday 1 March.

    The counts will occur in the following streets:

    • Kings Cross Road;
    • Ward Avenue;
    • Bayswater Road;
    • Kellett Street;
    • Darlinghurst Road; and
    • Victoria Street.

    We will make the data from....Read more

    by Community Engagement 12 Feb 2014, 02:15 PM
  • City staff answer your questions: Bayswater Road Transport-Only Zone Trial

    If you have any questions about this trial, City staff will be available to discuss them with you on Wednesday 4 December 2013 at the Kings Cross Neighbourhood Service Centre, 50-52 Darlinghurst Road,
    Kings Cross. Drop by any time between 5.30pm and 7.30pm to view the proposal and speak with the project team.

    You can provide feedback on the draft plan in the comments section here now.

    You will also be able to leave feedback here when the trial takes place next year.

    The proposal will be considered by the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee on 19 February 2014.

    Your feedback....Read more

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