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New facilities

11 months ago

The study proposes providing more sports and recreation facilities throughout the City of Sydney. Some of the key suggestions are included below:

– 5 new sports fields are estimated to the provided consisting of Gunyama Park, Green Square, Perry Park, Alexandria and 2-3 fields through s.94 open space acquisition plan funding;
– 1 non-standard size sports field at Federal Park, Annandale;
– 3 casual active recreation spaces proposed for Garraway Park, Green Square, McPherson Park, Ashmore Estate and Harold Park, Forest Lodge;
– Develop partnerships with schools and other agencies to increase public access to sport field facilities;
– 2 indoor and 2 outdoor courts at Perry Park, Alexandria;
– Provision of half / non-standard size courts in new and upgrade park projects when feasible;
– new aquatic centre at Green Square;
– new district level playground at Federal Park;
– recommendation to assess feasibility to provide City Centre play space;
– additional skate facilities at Federal Park, Sydney Park and Green Square; and
– increasing diversity of recreation facilities such as outdoor gyms, walking paths, chess boards and amenity to support companion animal exercise.